Innovative chocolate delights

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any baking creations on here, which is reflective of the fact that I haven’t been doing much exploration with baking in the past couple of months. Prioritizing my time and energy into figuring out a routine for “adult-ing” has left little time for baking projects. Fortunately in the past couple of weeks, I have had a series of occasions to bake for (bonding activities with friends, birthdays, and of course, Easter). I took the opportunity to test out some new recipes, a couple of which I’m happy to share!

*Disclaimer: the desserts come out quite tasty, but I have yet to work on presentation and Instagram-worthy photos!

Fudgy Avocado Brownies


I’m an avocado fanatic. I take any opportunity I can to incorporate it into meals or even to have it alone as a snack. I was quite excited to come across this fudgy avocado brownie recipe, and even more thrilled when I realized I had all the necessary ingredients to make it with a friend while hanging out! The recipe was quite straightforward, and my friend and I were only caught off guard by how little batter the recipe produced. We had to resort to using a bread pan to ensure that the brownies to produce a thick enough layer for our preference.  The brownies came out with a nice fudgy consistency, which tasted good whether they were minutes out of the pan or chilled in the fridge!

Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake


At my workplace, we are each assigned as a “party planner” for a colleague’s birthday, which consists of bringing a birthday treat of the colleague’s choice to team meeting  of their birthday week. I decided to take on the challenge of baking a chocolate bundt cake, given my assigned colleague’s preference for a chocolate dessert and inspiration by another colleague’s success in recently baking a chocolate bundt cake herself. I came across this triple chocolate cake, which consisted of cocoa powder, chocolate chips, AND chocolate ganache – a recipe for death by chocolate essentially. It was helpful to have a friend lend me a bundt pan for project, but as evidenced in the photo above, I wasn’t entirely successful in cleanly taking the cake out of the pan! Fortunately the recipe’s chocolate ganache helped hold the cake together and added a more appeasing look to it. Regardless of the appearance, the cake was thoroughly enjoyed by my colleagues and left them in a chocolate coma, especially since most of them were already snacking on Easter chocolates before we started handing out the cake! I have yet to figure out an efficient approach to removing the cake from the pan, but I will add the note to expect this cake to bake for at least an hour, as opposed to the 30 mins listed in the recipe.

That’s all I have to share for now! Feel free to post any other recommended  chocolate recipes.


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