Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars


I haven’t baked in a while and had an itch to try something new. I had attempted Nutella Pumpkin Cookie bars earlier in the week, which weren’t much of a hit (likely since I left out a couple of spices, and the recipe could probably use a little more “umph” itself. I do like the concept of combining the two ingredients, though!). The baking attempt left me with some remnant pumpkin puree that would be a sin to allow to go to waste. Plus I had a friend over and baking is always a fun mutual activity. Off to Pinterest!

My solution to using the remaining puree: this delicious soft pumpkin chocolate chip bars recipe! It’s a simple recipe requiring ingredients that I fortunately already had readily available in my kitchen and took little to no hassle to make. I was taken aback by the 3/4 cup of brown sugar – man, the bars are sweet! – but overall the ingredients come together quite nicely and make an excellent pumpkin treat!


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