First Day of Fall


The first day of fall provides a good excuse for the baking bug to strike! I’ve been harboring a can of pureed pumpkin from the last Fall season, waiting for the right time to create something. I figured there was no better way to welcome fall than finally opening that can and baking a pumpkin treat!

Since muffins and breads are my usual go-to baked goods, I went ahead and made Pumpkin Streusel Muffins according to a recipe I came across last year and have had success with. The product was not a disappointment this time around either! The batter yields a muffin baked with the right amount of moisture and sweetness (which appeased my sweet tooth with its declining threshold, as mentioned in the previous post). I did end up with excess streusel topping, which could have just been from me being too conservative with sprinkling it atop each muffin. The recipe also calls for a cinnamon drizzle, which I opted out of this time. As delicious as the addition is, it leaves people I’m giving out the muffins to with sticky fingers and usually no immediate way to remove the stickiness (oops). Nonetheless, the muffins were a success and appeased those whom I shared them with. The remainder will be distributed at my placement tomorrow. a strategy I often apply in trying to friend people in a new place 🙂


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