Greek Yogurt Banana Bread


This past week, I successfully and happily moved into my new apartment in Central Square, Cambridge. That being sad, I could not allow my first week to go by without a baking episode! The kitchen needed to be christened by the baking bug 🙂

Deciding on my first baked good was no obstacle, as my default for any baking occasion is chocolate chip banana bread. While I usually add peanut butter to a standard recipe for some extra flavor, this time I was up for a bread with guaranteed moistness. Therefore, I decided to give this recipe with Greek yogurt a try.

The texture of the banana bread came out a success! The only thing that got me was the level of sweetness in the bread. Whew! I did reduce the amount of sugar added, as suggested by the recipe if baking with chocolate chips, yet the sweetness was still a bit stronger than I would have preferred (Looks like my sweet tooth’s tolerance has been declining… ugh). I am trying to get into the habit of adding less sugar than recommended and then adding more to the batter to taste as needed (I do not fear tasting raw batter!). I’ll have to keep that in mind as I move forward in my baking endeavors.

Well, despite my perception of overpowering sweetness, the bread was still enjoyed by one of my roommates and almost entirely consumed at a barbecue potluck I attended. I’ll definitely keep this recipe in my collection, and will continue to seek out other twists to my favorite dessert.


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