10957478_1521444201430332_5199212840788014037_nAs a kid, I was big on art. I loved art projects, reveled in taking art classes once a week, and would occasionally start my own projects at home. Unfortunately I’ve fallen out of the hobby and have been trying to get back into it. This past week, I met up with a friends to cool down with a quick swim in the Charles River, followed by a painting session. My friend encouraged me to try abstract painting, which led to a blob of blue and green that I was unsatisfied with. I decided to use the blob as a backdrop to a flower, my go-to item to paint. Per my friend’s suggestion, I settled on painting a lotus flower. After many meticulous corrections to the flower with feedback from my friend, I was impressed by the final product. Given that I’m been struggling in school, it’s cheered me up to go back to remembering the non-academic/professional skills that I do possess. Plus I can now start accumulating my own portfolio for decorating my living space!


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