A Trip to JP

My roommate and I took advantage of our day off with a trip down to Jamaica Plain. I had ventured over to the neighborhood my senior year of undergrad for a service project, and had intended on going back ever since.

Once we stepped off the bus, my roommate and I searched for a place to grab lunch. We stumbled upon The Real Deal, a sandwich, panini, and pizza joint that boasted and lived up to the motto “Real Fresh. Real Good.” The restaurant’s menu contained creative names for their sandwiches, some of which can be seen painted on the wall. I ordered the Loosey Goosey, a grilled turkey sandwich with muenster cheese and cole slaw served on rye bread. It was delicious!

20150525_125859 20150525_130936

After lunch, we visited the quaint stores along Centre Street. There were so many fun and rare items in each store that were tempting to buy, but my limited budget guided me otherwise.

Once we allotted enough time for our hearty lunches to digest, we went over to the original J.P Lick’s, the brand of home made ice cream throughout Boston. I tried the hemp cookies and creme ice cream. So good!


After all that walking and exploring along Centre St, we ended our afternoon relaxing and reading by the beautiful Jamaica Pond.



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