Swingin’ Summer

My favorite part of spending the summer in Boston is the opportunity to explore swing venues and events that I don’t get to participate in during the school year. Tonight I finally went to Boston Swing Central in Cambridge, the hub of swing dance in Boston, thanks to a ride from a new friend. I recognized some faces from previous dances I’ve attended, and got acquainted with a few new dancers. It was a heck of a good time with a wonderful crowd and live music. It took me a while to warm up on the dance floor, which consists of letting go of any control and becoming comfortable with moving fluidly while the leader guides the steps. Once I did, I had a blast in being challenged to dance with more of the experienced attendees. I also shared a number of good laughs throughout the night, which felt very refreshing and a good way to start of a summer of swing dancing. I look forward to continuing brushing up on my swing skills in the coming months, and for this legendary Roaring Twenties party that I have yet to attend.

20150522_223809 20150522_223923


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